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Our history

About us :
Authenticity :
Our values :

Constantly looking for delicious flavours, our products are designed to share friendly moments around a delicious meal. Being able to disseminate the Belgian local expertise is our trademark. Eternity of our products is in our DNA, while adapting constantly to our customer needs.

Original concept :

The Maison Belge  invents and inspires itself with  trends which accompany you throughout the day. That will leave you a free choice of the product you will love. Belgium is recognized in a international way for its chocolate, its fries and with us for its … Mayonnaise. A true delight, a smooth texture for a very refined taste, a delicious recipe cooked up just for you which small and big children will enjoy. While awakening the morning, start your day with our sweets at breakfast or week-end brunch. Our real taste jams, our spread, the idea that gluttony and pleasure can fill a jar makes total sense here. We accompany you from your first meal of the day : foie gras, terrine, charcuterie… with some sweet and sour notes. We continue with the unique taste of our mayonnaise, the authentic one, which goes very well with some fries, croquettes, dauphine potatoes and your meat. But this is not the entire story, you can also serve our delicious confit with your cheese plate before having to the dessert.    


Whether a daily meal or holiday meal, Maison Belge will always be present on your table.

La Maison Belge owes its success to the choice of highest quality ingredients, noble and natural, as well as  our Chef’s Experience. Our recipes containing  no preservatives, no additives, no artificial colours are a perfect image of our  Belgian worldwide well-known gastronomy. The human-sized production unit allows to find the real and original taste of a homemade product.

ur packaging : an original jar ready to present to your guests and re-usable. A glass jar and a sterilization ring in rubber. Historically, the little brother of the one created by Johann Weck. Small jars to vary the taste, without having to end the previous one. Fine and elegant label with historic stamp, a seal wich establishes your certification marking.

A know-how, a passion, ...
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